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   Where is Cullowhee??









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2016 "Summertime" Featured Artist

Ron Thompson

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Our Featured Artist  for the 27th  "Summertime" show is:

  • Wood Turner  Artist, RonThompson, Click for a larger imagehas been turning native wood into beautiful  bowls for several years. His customers come early to get his unique creations. He has turned canning jar lids,  jewelry holders and delicate seasonal ornaments.

Note to exhibitors: If you did not get your letter and map from me ,please let me know .Thanks.


Mountain Artisans presents   :


"Summertime Art and Craft Show" 


JUNE 25-26 2016




 $4.50 adults Children under 12 free




Neal & Nanci Hearn - Glass Boxes and Jewelry

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McKay's Clays - Pottery

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Alva Houston - Dolls

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Betty Cabe - Corn Shuck Dolls

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Small Beginnings :
     The Mountain Artisans Art & Craft Shows started in  Macon County in 1987.  Only 8 artisans exhibited at the first Christmas show in Franklin, NC. 
We never imagined that, down the road, we were headed to the wonderful Ramsey Center on the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee,  North Carolina!
     It is a dream come true.  As the years have flown by, more and more artisans wanted a good place to sell their hand work and  joined us.  So many of our small businesses have been sent overseas, but there are no imports here.  The southern craftsman is alive and well in this area.  Many of the heritage crafts are handed down from the older generation. 
The quilting, pine needle baskets, blacksmithing, clay art, folk dolls, corn shuck flowers, broom corn brooms, carved spirit sticks, and primitive furniture were inspired from past generations. 


You will find it all here.

     Mountain Artisans Art and Crafts Shows provide a marketplace for customers and artisans to meet.  It is an amazing collection under one roof.  You would have to visit dozens of  shows to find what I have gathered at one place.

     Cullowhee, North Carolina is home to the Western Carolina University.  On the campus is the Ramsey Center arena that boasts 18,000 square feet of climate controlled comfort for everyone.  It is home to the Catamount's basketball games but two times each year, they move over for our craft shows.  A great set up crew makes it all look easy for me. 

     Quaint Cullowhee Valley nestles off Highway 107 that runs up to Cashiers, North Carolina  from Sylva.  It is a stop off the Southern Highroads Trail  highway. All around are big, soft mountains. A foot bridge crosses the Cullowhee Creek to get to the show from the parking lot.  It is peaceful to your soul just  to be here.  Click on the map to see how to get to Cullowhee NC from Asheville, Cherokee, and Atlanta.


Notes from the Show Promoter - The show consists of artists inside and outside the building.

Outside Artists: The sidewalk and surrounding area leading up to the big Catamount door entrance has a sample of the quality artisans inside.  Look for the following outside exhibitors:      

  •  Doreyl Ammons Cain,  Click for larger imageDoeryl's Art, (Jackson County's own)  will be demonstrating pastel paintings. She will  have her new  "Laughing Locust "collection: nature art on slices of locust wood cut from her forest preserve." One of my pieces that I will be bringing is "Mountain Sunrise".  It is  on a slab that has 50 rings on it !"


  • Ken Di Rico's Smoky Mountain Kettle Korn delicious kettle popcorn will be back.  (It is never burned or too salty).
  •  Jimmy and Marlene Hopkins Creative Metal  bright yard art was the top seller at last year's show.  They will be returning with more stick down sunflowers  and colorful garden pieces? Flying pigs from gas cans!  All these and more coming soon.
  • Averil and Pete Peters Woods Gift Farm are craftsmen  from Tennessee. This talented duo are working on something creative all the time, they make sugar free  jams and jellies.  (Averil's floral jellies features dandelion, violet and pansy).  She has curd toppings,also. How about some small sizes of rag dolls and Pete's unique carved walking sticks and staffs? Look for them on the right side of the front  entrance toward the outside stairs
  • Woodcraftsman, Jerry Stanley NC Mountains Outdoor Furniture with Adirondack chairs, swings, birdhouses (for real birds) and more.  All constructed with Western Red Cedar, stainless steel nails and blue ribbon quality wood .
  • Cory Plott  Click for a larger imagePlottware Pottery will be outside for the summer show.  Maybe he will be demonstrating on the wheel for you who are interested in learning.




  • Jan Kleinrath  All Things Canvas makes hats and purses ,just in time for that beach trip. She has matching scarves, as well.
  • Bryan and Kristy Adams Adam's Crafty Creations make metal yard art and garden art from found treasures are going to make your flowers smile! 
  • Christy Edwards makes little sheep from old quilts. She will be back with this year's creations. Do you have an old family heirloom that you would like to preserve? She will have summer paintings on barn wood for your garden.
  • Kathy Kelly Tufa Things makes those hard to find hypertufa pots. They are made to look ancient and blend with your plants. She makes   toad houses, too.
  • Benjamin Davies is going to have a black smith demonstration for us. He will be selling a wide selection of  fire sets , hooks of many kinds, candle holders and  hearth brooms .
  • AW Ruff will be bringing his popular  blue bird houses, cutting boards, and mountain toys.
  •  Bill and Julie Carl make concrete art for your garden and home. Look on face book for their creations .Facebook.com/carlconcreteconstruction


Come inside. The  entrance tunnel has some exciting exhibitors:

  • First artisan inside the door is favored potter Sue Malsnee.  She has many area collectors of her work who look for her unique creations at this show.  They will be glad to find her summertime designs and original glazes.
  • David "DJ" Jones  Click for a larger imageBearwassee Furniture makes bear themed screened doors for your cabin! He will have a selection of different patterns to choose from.

  • Dogwood Crafters will be selling samples from their unique shop. They feature quality handcrafts from the mountain area. Visit their shop in Dillsboro, NC
  • Dearly cherished, Harold Sims; Catman2. His kind heart started a no kill rescue and adoption home that has aided hundreds of felines. Go by and donate generously.  He does much good.
  • Tom Livingston's Click for a larger imagePiece by Piece Intarsia takes many kinds of wood and shapes them into amazing  pictures. He will have some neat choices for special giving or dressing up your home.


  • Janet Richardson, artist in acrylics and watercolors, will have some interesting retro murals  and smaller paintings.


Arena: It is 18,000 sq feet of cool ,comfortable shopping area.

  • Good live music brings cheer!  There will be live guitar music floating from the fingers of Macon County's Ronnie Evans.  He plays the old songs that we grew up with .He will be selling his CD's to enjoy all year.

 The pottery section includes :

  • Kim von Hedemann Click for larger imageClay Critters combines her love of cartoons and animals for this adorable art .She captures a whole menagerie  with clay on mugs and trinket boxes. You are going to have to have three of these! Great gifts


  • Balsam Mountain's   Ann Suggs Stonehouse Pottery. NOTE: Ann has had a medical emergency .She will not be at the 'SUmmertime' show but will exhibit at the 'Hard Candy Christmas' event . Get well soon, Ann.
  • Donna McKay McKays Clays is new this show with functional pieces with lovely glazes.
  • Eric Howe Black Dog Pottery is on the way with a  wow collection of ceramics.

Specialty foods and  sweets:

  • Kathy Cirka  Backwoods Bakery& Cake Works will be serving up organic breads, cookies and  more. This year she will be adding sourdough  bread and focaccia ,just delicious for dipping.
  • Kathy Nash  Serendipity is not able to be here with her delicious  nut brittle ,BUT will be back for the Christmas show .
  • In her space we welcome(Ted) Taketo Ohtani .He will be demonstrating Japanese Calligraphy.
  • Terri Cook's Delightful Dips was a hit last show and will be back with her homemade dips, mixes and southern  meat rubs.
  • Smackyomama BBQ sauces and dry meat rubs is inside this year. They have 8 flavors that will bring raves.
  • What is that tantalizing smell wafting about ? It must be Paul and Linda Schuette My Pop Pops Nuts roasted mixed nut booth .
  • Almonds, peanuts and cashews taste as good as they smell . Welcome to Summertime!
  • Beth W.Vinson halodips is new this year with  her delicious all natural dips with a zing. She is introducing tasty flavors.

Heritage Soap:

  • Bill Reed Freedom Farms is coming back with his popular goat milk soap and his personal grooming accessories.
  • Chris Grimes makes native vine wreaths ,everlasting wreaths and arrangements for your cabin and home
  • Laura Craig  Shade Tree Farm  soap maker will have some new delicious new flavors.
  • Dee Dee Bouck Click for a larger imageRazzberry Lemonade makes designer pillows, animals and fancy goat milk soaps. She is new this year. Welcome Dee Dee.
  •  B.D. Hitch is bringing organic Muskadine Grape Juice. It goes fine in your health smoothie.
  • Gen Collins Mystic Mineral Clay has many customers who have enjoyed the health benefits form using this mystic  mineral clay . Check out her web site and see what it can do for you .
  • Corn shuck flowers date back to the early settlers. Artisan Betty Cabe, Click for a larger imageis preserving this heritage craft.  She will demonstrating and selling her colorful bouquets and collector dolls.


  • Elly Davey Bird in Hand is almost famous for her little folk figure with hickory nut heads and don't forget her  whimsies.  She has many collectors who look for new creations each show
  • Alva Houston was our 'Featured Artist" last summer show. Admiring her little mountain folk dolls will show you why. Come, see her and gourd art that her skillful hands have been making for you.

      Lona Antoinette Click for a larger imagecrochets little snuggly dolls like your Grandma used to .She makes doll clothes also .Welcome to 'Summertime' .



Glass artists are represented here :

  • Neal Hearn Boxes By Neal is here with  his summer collection of glass boxes! His one of a kind creations usually include gem stones and  fusing with copper trim.
  • Terri Johansson Terri Johnhasson Glass Art  is one of the most talented fused artist that has come our way in awhile. She has coastal and mountain themes .Her earrings are fused drops to add sparkle to your day !

      Other special crafts :    

       Here comes 'Those Kooky Chickens"! Tim and Karen Chamber's Click for larger imagegourd art will make your kitchen  smile ..





  • Roberta Brown-Roberts Click for a larger imageDried Flower Art  is coming back with more lovely selections for the garden lovers on your list ! They are going to love her framed bouquets of  pressed flowers, grown in her own garden 




  • Look for Tommy Hill with his hand tooled leatherwork. Replace that old wallet with a new one .
  • Molly McCurdy Dulcimers by Molly will be returning.  If you ever wanted to play , now is a good time to explore.
  • Her friend, Jeanne, will have hand  quilted wall hangings. 
  • The little log homes that David Pruitt  Click for a larger imageAnother Place In Time make are  coming back with more cabins and styles. Some are for your
  •  walls! Wife, Silvia Pruitt will have  her hanging kitchen towels, coasters and  star ornaments.
  • Keith Monteith, Lisa Marie Breese make little, amazing banks with  post office plates! Some date back to the 1800's. and Anniversary Wine Box Holders. Hmmm, unique indeed.


  • Roy Owenby is returning with his mountain stories and his latest novel. His last year thriller The Owl Knows is set on the Parkway.
  • Janet Jenkins Crackling Candles will be back with fresh scents and her unique crackling candles that mimics a fire.
  • Carol Allen  NellaNaturals  Click for larger imageis new with aromatherapy pillows and scented sachets, bird feeders and cat items.
  • Gretchen Branning makes charming little purses from a single man's neck ties. Look for her summer collection .
  •  No one makes pine needle baskets like Patricia Harris.Click for a larger image  She  will be back with  this hard- to- find heritage craft .



  • Kristy Gooding Simply Clover makes  hand leather bags, totes and wallets.
  • Noreen B. Stansell has interesting collection of garden items, fabric dolls and cat lovers stuff. Her fabric wreaths last forever.
  • Carolyn Whittenburg Click for a larger imageBlue Door Gourd art at it's most unique. Her transformation of gourds to little masterpieces is amazing . Her lamps, faux leather and textured finishes are very special.
  • Mike Smithwick fans will be glad to see his recycled wine bottle luminaries back again.
  • Lane and Shelvia Whitley make  hand cast  pewter ornaments and jewelry. Look for Lane's peanut  baskets, too.
  • Ruth S. King Joyful Baskets Click for a larger imageis new this year with a collection of  favorite baskets. Look for egg gathering and stepped styles.
  • Lee Willis  has fun with soda cans. He turns them into little airplanes, mobiles and flashy earrings.
  • Good news for customers looking for old fashioned rag rugs, hand made by Rena Wilkins. She will have multi colors and shapes and hopefully will demonstrate this craft.
  • Rita Cowart shapes arrangements from pine cones that look like roses !  Welcome Rita.
  • Cliff Lenke recycles antique dinner plates and makes bird feeders for your feathered friends.
  • Dawn Rhodes Country RhodesMosiac Art shapes original mosaic designs on lighted bottles. Welcome, Dawn with this unique art.

      We have attracted some wonderful  fine artists and painters for this show such as:

  • Lois Armstrong  Arts by Lois is a nature lover. You will see this clearly on her prints, paintings and note cards. Her scrimshaw jewelry is delicate carvings on bone and mother of pearl.  Her animal and bird paintings on leaves are special too. Welcome back, Lois.




  • Nancy Moore  much collected folk artist, in this area , will be back ,weaving grapevine baskets and painting her windows and gourds.


  • Look online for my friend  Michael M Roger's , Click for a larger imagefavorite watercolorist and avid hiker will be Sharing the Beauty of  his beloved mountains in his latest dvd of waterfalls and wild flowers. Visit his new online store at  www.michaelmrogersfineart.com You can purchase original art work, prints and photography on canvas.

  • Jeanne Mack Southern Paintings always has new collectors with her southern paintings and charming feline art.
  • Jim Watts Create something amazing is  pure talent in oils and acrylics. He will have prints, cards and calendars.
  • Jackson County's own, Joe Meigs is a multi talented author, painter and photographer. He will autograph his latest book at this show .
  • Jason Rizzo Jason Rizzo Fine Art is fine art in photography. He captures all things lovely in this area with a new twist.
  • Danny Ricketts Art by Danny is a Virginia artist who has the most original style that I have seen lately. He incorporates collage into his      paintings. Welcome Danny and Nancye to Cullowhee.
  • Joy Wallace is a fine portrait artist. Have you been looking for someone to paint that special grandchild or relative? You are in the right place to find a treasured heirloom. She  will bring original paintings, prints, tile and  trivets (with her painting).Welcome Joy.
  • Photo artist Ed Green  Macon Green Photo is returning with his latest photo art summer collection.
  •  Elizabeth  McAfee will be back with her funny animal paintings. Her love of animals can be seen with all the different adventures her subjects have in each scene. Look for her studio cat ,Sandy,in each one .

The fabric and Fiber art category is looking good:

      Do you have a quilt top you would love to have stitched ? Here is  Cowee Quilters from Macon County. They will do a beautiful job for you and give the proceeds to the  Century Scholars fund. They will be demonstrating hand stitching  on a quilt at the show and selling chances for a drawing of a quilt. Proceeds go to the local Community Fire Department.( It was called a quilting bee in the old days).


  • Almost famous quilter Linda Levy only comes to the summer show.  She will have baby accessories and wall hangings .
  • Susan Kennedy's quilted purses are collector's pieces. Drop by to see what's new for summer. Don't forget Mark's photography taken on their travels.
  • Dora Reynolds Click for a larger image Designer Tableware is a hit each show with her bright colorful fabric plates and bowls.  She will have her summer collection  of birds and  flowers.


  • Neal Howard  NealtheWeaver.com has been a master weaver for many years . She is a member of the Southern Highlands Guild where she exhibits her lovely clothing line of hand dyed and hand dyed yarns . She also has available for other fiber artists. And, she is coming to our show with this special collection ! She will be bringing her rigid heddle loom to show how it is done.   Welcome Neal!
  • Ernestine Plemmons Meme's Creative Crochet will have her collection of baby blankets ,hats, booties and cozies for that new grandbaby or neighbor. No one tops her heirloom accessories .
  • Beverly Borchardt is a new quilter to this year  She has a good selection of quilted items for your home.
  • Welcome Beverly. Welcome quilters !
  • Daniele Wickel Danieles Designs makes cache bags ,caps and instrument cases for musicians out there .I happen to own a cache bag that I wore around my neck all fall . It helped me to keep up with my small treasures.
  • A local Seamstress has just started her own business with fun things she creates. James Stewart's inventions will make you smile  and enhance wherever  they go .

    The wood craftsmen at this show are some of the best around:

  • Carolyn Williams BarnYardTreasures has frames, tables and accessories.
  • Ken Rudd's customers buys his tables, potato boxes and waste cans as fast as he can get them up here. Hardly any woodcrafter makes
  • these.
  • Mike Hankerd Old Salt Furniture makes and paints furniture in shore and mountain themes.
  •  Ruth & Jerry Bieniek  Jerry's Custom Furniture make fine log furniture for the mountain cabin. His cold drink boxes  provide handy drinks for the deck entertaining.( I am ordering one for my son and his family for summer backyard fun)

  • Jim & Ginger Haywood Click for a larger imageKat Man Duz creates wood shelves, tables and other home accessories.


  • John Sadler is preserving Click for a larger imagethe vanishing art of bowl shaping in native woods. He does rolling pens to match some. He will have a good selection  and many one of a kind pieces. He will be demonstrating this special craft at this show !
  • Chris Ferree will have antler wood  folk craft and Dave Gale has unusual turnings .They are new this year . Welcome Red Hands Co op .
  • Rex  and Rebekah Ellsworth Mountain Woodworking have quality wildlife houses and feeders made from northern White Cedar or cypress . His addition of brass screws and galvanized screening makes for a product that will last Look for their stained glass art .Some is adaptive quilt patterns  and lighthouses.
  • David Klatt click for larger imagemakes bowls using blocks of different kinds of native wood! The perfect early Christmas gift for a special friend!
  • Debbie Whitlock is an artist who uses pallets for canvas .She also has pallet tables that are unique. Also, other paintings  and mixed media.

        Kathy and Bill Richardson SuffolkShakerShop make  reproductive Shaker boxes, carriers and other fine wood pens and more.

       Welcome to the Richardsons.

The knitters are in vogue right now:    

  • William T. & Nancy Smith: shawls, yarn, pins and accessories. Look for Nancy 's sewing work bags to neaten up your projects.

    We have some of the most skilled jewelers from our area and far away:

  •  Nanci Leigh  Sylvia and Vivians will be bringing her summer collection of  handcrafted jewelry and accessories.
  • Note for Janet Anderson customers  Wild Fired Glass  is a favorite artist in glass, She is not coming or summer but will be  here for 'Hard Candy Christmas  with her original glass art; fused and slumped creations. Her new line of jewelry is diachronic glass accented with Swarovski crystals.
  • Angel Hudgins Hudgins Designs is back this year with unique, cool designs for the 20something crowd.
  • Coming back is Jacolyn Campbell,CampbellDesigns  master wire wrapper. She will have chain maille styles and gem trees also.
  • Lynell Dodge is a silversmith who only comes to the summer show. Her customers will enjoy the new designs this year.

     Angela Holland Angela'sDesigns Click for a larger imageis new this year. A mother-daughter team that makes  vintage silver ware  jewelry. Also copper, brass,     and  sterling . They create necklaces, bracelets and more.


  • Carrie Ross Quartzy One will have jewelry that centers around quartz minerals.
  • Esta and Jim Miller will be back with their Kumihime woven braid  and Viking knit jewelry.
  • Jorie Browden JBJ Designs Artisans Jewelry is an artist with her original designs that are unique. Welcome Jorie.
  • Jody Funk FunkyArtDesigns makes clay jewelry. Her trademark is leaves in delicate earrings, pendants and more. She has added trees   that are lovely. Welcome, Jody.


 The 2016 'Summertime' show is filled . I have visited many events this spring ,looking for special artists and craftsmen to please you the shopper. We can not exist without your approval . Thank you for making 'Summertime" your first stop for original arts and crafts at great prices! These  American artists and craftsmen here are  still making beautiful things with our hands, our eyes  and our hearts, just for you!  Come shop from us and support the American Artists and craftsmen.


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